Medication Counseling In Developing Countries

September 21, 2012 | Safiur Rahman Ansari | 0 comments

Counseling is an integral component of dispensing. It has a major role in patient compliance. However this component has been widely neglected by professionals in developing countries.  In our current setting counseling means giving some verbal information about medicines to patients. Does this practice fulfils the objectives of counseling?    Counseling is the process of telling people what you found, what it means, and what needs to be done, and doing so with tact and sensitivity. Jerger J. Effective Counseling in Audiology. Prentice-Hall;1994.     Counseling is the process of giving and receiving information in a way that is meaningful, memorable and usable, changes behavior and facilitates a successful rehabilitative outcome. Yanz JL, Pociecha AL. Patient Counseling: Questioning, Retention & Social Style. Presentation at: American Academy


What A Pharmacy Technician Should Know?

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A pharmacy technician should be expert in: 

  •     Dispensing 
  •     Compounding 
  •     Aseptic handling 

Dispensing: Dispensing includes prescription checking, interventions and counseling.  a) Medicine related factors: 1) Check deviation from usual dose range. Rx Albendazole 100mg x 2 x 3 days Prescriber wished to write Mebendazole 100mg x 2 x 3 days but incorrectly wrote albendazole.  2) Check if unit dose exceeds maximum unit dose. Rx Glibenclamide 15mg x 1 x 30 days Maximum unit dose of glibenclamide is 10 mg. Higher doses should be given in divided doses.  3) Check if daily dose exceeds maximum daily dose Rx Metformin 1000mg x 3 x 30 days Max daily dose of metformin is 2000mg. Little benefit seen above total daily dose of 2000mg.  4) Check if daily dose is less than minimum daily dose Name:


Which way you lean -- physically -- affects your decision-making

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We’re not always aware of how we are making a decision. Unconscious feelings or perceptions may influence us. Another important source of information—even if we’re unaware of it—is the body itself.

“Decision making, like other cognitive processes, is an integration of multiple sources of information—memory, visual imagery, and bodily information, like posture,” says Anita Eerland, a psychologist at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In a new study, Eerland and colleagues Tulio Guadalupe and Rolf Zwaan found that surreptitiously manipulating the tilt of the body influences people’s estimates of quantities, such as sizes, numbers, or percentages. The findings will appear in an upcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal published by the Association for Psychological Science.

When we count, we think of smaller


Digital Code Lock

July 31, 2012 | Siddiq Ansari | 1 comments

Its a simple circuit of digital lock system which can be used as security system along with a door operated with motors to open or close the door or it can be used anywhere where we require intensive security.

In this digital code lock, we have used a microcontroller as the brain of security system. A default password is set when the program is burnt in memory of microcontroller. An electronic display is used to for interaction with this security system and provides interacting medium with the user.

Circuit schematic:

Source Code:

Finished Product on Home made PCB:

Bottom Side PCB

Top Side PCB

Top Side Silk


Wireless power transfer coil

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TDK Corporation announced the development of a TDK wireless power transfer coil unit designed for Smartphones and other mobile devices. The receiving coil designed for integration in smartphones and similar represents an industry-leading achievement, featuring a thickness of a mere 0.57 mm.

The development reflects TDK's extensive expertise in fields such as magnetic materials technology and process technology, and involved the creation of a unique, extremely thin and flexible metal magnetic sheet. As a result, the coil unit not only is ultra thin and lightweight, it also is highly resistant to shock and therefore provides excellent reliability. Furthermore, in spite of its 0.57 mm profile, the coil's design minimizes the tendency towards rising resistance and achieves a power transfer efficiency that


Million-year storage solution is set in stone

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A sapphire hard disk can last one million years and resolve a problem worrying archaeologists. Thursday, Patrick Charton of the French nuclear waste management agency ANDRA, presented a way out of data storage problems, an information-engraved sapphire disk using platinum. The disk is being called the ultimate, if not ultimately unaffordable, HDD. The disk was announced at this week’s Euroscience Open Forum, a pan-European event drawing researchers, as a way to provide information for future archaeologists.

The solution is in the form of two thin disks of industrial sapphire, molecularly fused, with a thin layer of inscribed platinum. The disks were immersed in acid to test their durability and to simulate aging. With the sapphire disk, up to 40,000 miniaturized pages


Language Activator

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How an individual in Y-world with native Y-language will understand X-language of X-world?


The research is in process ..................

This is a big question and must probably it should have a big answer too (if possible).


Lets begin the discussion.

 The figure describes in brief. 


Database based Nepali Date Converter

Convert Nepali date (B.S.) to English Date (A.D.) or Vice-Versa

Nepali Date
Gregorian Date

From 1900-01-01 A.D. to 2020-12-30 A.D.

From 1956/09/19 B.S. to 2077/09/15 B.S.


Download Nepali Date Converter

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