A trip to Ghandruk

Luckily it was a clear morning when I along with my other four friends (Ravi, Sumit, Ananda and Dipen ) started to move to our destined stop-GHANDRUK. No one of us had visited to Ghandruk so it was exciting for all of us to reach to Ghandruk and have a face to face with beautiful and wonderful natural sceneries of northern Pokhara.
Talking about Ghandruk, it is a village situated at the top of hill, moreover its village of Gurung families. Someone may think that Ghandruk may be some old type village of hills. It’s not like that. Here you can find standard hotels, locals also arrange home-stay, village is well faciliated by communication service, electricity and water supply. Ghandruk is the first stop to stay before going to Annapurna Base Camp. From this place, we can see clear view of Mt. Fishtail and Annapurna if you are lucky enough to have clear sky. But don’t worry, mostly the sky is clear.

How we reached to Ghandruk?

Either on foot or by vehicle, anyone can reach to Ghandruk. Since we were in mood of travelling and trekking, we chose both mediums. Half way by vehicle and half way by trekking. From Pokhara, we hired a taxi to Naya Pool. It costs NRs. 400 per perosn. I amazed with taxi fares in Pokhara. In Pokhara, a taxi will charge you by number of person not that the fix price for one person or four person but depends upon the number of person. Now we were in a taxi on the way to Naya Pool from where we had decided a long trekking of 7 to 8 hours.


Taxi driver was interesting, he told many new and amazing facts of Pokhara. The road to Naya Pool is actually the road to Baglung and after some 45kms from Pokhara you have to bend towards Naya Pool for Ghandruk. By taxi, to reach to Naya Pool, it will take some 2 hours. Now we are at Naya Pool, the point where we decided to trek.

While you are on trekking, its better to carry basic things like a cap or hat, bottle of water, foods etc. and yes, a camera to shoot beautiful sceneries which you will find on the trails. From Naya Pool, we were on foot. Its also the point from where you go to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), the path to ABC get splitted here. We also found a Chillian who was going to ABC and you will find many tourists on the way to Ghandruk. Its common. The way to Ghandruk is along the river named as Modi River. Modi river was flowing with its strong currents, we managed to reach to the bank of Modi river too. Spent some time but we have to be very careful when we are at the banks of such river, you may slip into the river. These rivers looks small but they are deep and their currents are so strong that you will be swept away easily.

On the way, if you got hungry, you will find resturants (simple one), they are a bit expensive but not out of your pocket. You can eat there with local tastes of fish, gundruk etc..


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