Occupancy Detection System for ATM Lounge

When people go to near ATM lounge, they often confused whether anyone is inside or not. People peer inside ATM while another person inside. Many times people may enter into ATM lounge while somebody inside is counting his/her amount and instantly the person inside gets confused and the same situation for entering person too. People are serious about their security and want to have complete privacy inside the ATM when they have some big amount with them. It is the duty of any bank to provide complete privacy and security to person inside ATM lounge.

Occupancy Detection System is a robust solution for the above problem. We have designed occupancy detection system which is a perfect solution for ATM. This system perfectly and continuously detects the occupancy and vacancy inside the ATM lounge and displays the status outside the ATM, over the indicator so the people outside get the status of ATM lounge without disturbing anybody.

Our Product

We proudly introduce our new product as Occupancy Detection System for ATM. This is a smart detection system based on embedded technology and smart sensor. It is easy to install and easy to operate. It works continuously for 24 hours, everyday. It is a real time monitoring system.


  • Real time Occupancy detection
  • Compact device to fit inside the ATM lounge without changing any structure
  • Detects occupancy without noticed by ATM users
  • Indicators are completely visible in daylight
  • No harm to ATM users
  • Consumes less power

You can watch the working demo at: Yarsaa Digital


To contact us, please call at: 974 150 547 or mail to yarsaadigital@gmail.com.

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