‘Ram lala’ is a legal identity

On 9th November 2019, Indian Supreme Court gave verdict on Babri Masjid – Ramjanmbhumi conflict which considers that Ram lala (child form of Hindu’s god Ram) as a legal identity and honored with the ownership of  the disputed land of Babri masjid. The supreme court in its verdict stated that the court can not give any verdict on the base of faith but on the facts of scientific findings in the case of the disputed land.

Since the Supreme Court finds Ram lala as a legal identity, this verdict opens up ways for putting a deity withing a legal discourse.  Few years back a movie named “O my God” played by Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar was produced where an earthquake victim files a case against god. Till now, it was not sure that whether anyone can case a file against any deity or not, but the supreme court assured a deity as a legal being. Now for sure anyone can accuse a deity, case a file and can bring to the court. It is a huge achievement for all the Hindus who are worshiping their deity and are suffered from the act of god. Now, the Act of God can be challenged in court and can be decided guilty or not guilty upon the findings of evidences.

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