Know about ‘Mothers’ in India

mother of india

To read this article, the minimum requirement is – common sense.

Types of Mothers:

Mostly there are three types of mothers in India. They are:

  1. Cow (for some believers)
  2. The land of India (majority)
  3. A human mother (all)


Social Hierarchy of Mothers:

  1. Cow , the most holiest, sacred, cared one and the most powerful
  2. The land of India, orally loved by all Indians
  3. A human mother, the most neglected and suppressed


Cow mother in India:

Cow is top ranked mother in India for some believers. These believers even can kill a human being for trafficking their mother cow. If you don’t believe me, you can google “mob lynching in India for cow.” In front of this mother, even a human mother bow their head. One thing is not understood that, they say cow as a mother, but they put their mother always naked. They never make cloth for them. I don’t know how a son or daughter can overlook their mother so nude. Some states of India have banned to slaughter cows because they are their mother. I don’t think that only banning on slaughter is enough. I  demand proper cloths for them and proper day to day materials for them which a mother requires. I most often see these mother tied with rope. How any child can tie his mother with rope. It is so incowane (something like inhumane used in case of human). I always see these mothers living in unhygienic  places. I ask them, how you being an adult, milk your mother pressing their milking organs. It is so shameful. I always get shocked and ashamed when I see a children of cow milking their mother tits without their permission. Again, I don’t understand that when these mothers are the top ranked mother, how not their children don’t manage proper place of living of these mothers. I want to list some of the demands which is most required for this mother.

  1. Proper Food, shelter and cloth provision for cow mother, should be guaranteed in constitution.
  2. No any cow mother can be kept naked.
  3. Milking of a cow mother without their legal permission should be banned.
  4. All cows should be registered in National Cow mother register and proper ID card should be issued for them.
  5. Cows should be declared as first class citizens. Because they are not just mother but all cows are goddess too.
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