Rise of “concept of Israel” in India

The foundation of Israel was based upon Jewish national movement which took place after the first world war. The Jews from all over the world were called upon to settle in the land of Palestine. It is mentioned in the constitution of Israel that any Jews would be granted the citizenship of Israel in spite of his place of birth. It was a good decision for Israel and the Jews. In this way, Israel has become the homeland of all of the Jewish people of world. But this decision was worst for the people of Palestine. Palestinians were forced to leave their land and almost all the Palestine was captured by Israel to provide land for the coming Jews. In the same way, now in India the same principal is going to be applied from the current ruling party – Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

Similarities Between the modal of Zionist movement and RSS

The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) and the Muslim League in its early age had accepted the “Two Nation Theory” based upon the religion before the creation of India and Pakistan. The Muslim league formed Pakistan as an Islamic state whereas India formed as a secular state because many Muslims of India chose to not to leave India which was their birthplace and rejected the two nation theory. India was declared as a secular state in the constitution of India. But the RSS was against the concept of secularism in India. For the RSS, only the hindus were the legitimate citizens of India and all other citizens who were following other religion were the invaders and they should be treated as the second class citizens even though they have been living in India for more than 600 years. Sawarkar, a founder of RSS had always been forwarding his theory of a Hindu Rashtra of India and “Akhanda Bharat” (undivided India including the current Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal). BJP, a national party of India founded upon the theory of RSS is now a ruling party of India with majority of seats. Now, their major agenda is to turn their theories into reality and their major agenda is to create the Akhanda Bharat and if its not possible, then create a Hindu Rashtra India.

For this agenda, BJP in its first reign, had applied NRC (National Register of Citizens) in its North east states where the task was to find out the real citizens and filter out the migrants from neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar. Their major target was to filter out the the Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh but the output of NRC was opposite of what they thought. It was found that more than  20 lakh people were out of NRC and majority of them were the Hindus. This created a problem for BJP because they were the voters for them. So to relax the Hindu voters, now they proposed a bill as Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) which is passed from the lower house.After its passed from the upper house, it will become Law, and will be enforced in all over the India. The contradicting part is not the process but the content of the bill. It is mentioned in the bill that, any exploited migrants who are minorities from the neighboring counties like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who belongs to Hindu, Buddhism, Jain, Sikh, Christians and Parsi would be given the citizenship if they have been arrived in India before Dec30, 2014. This statements excludes Muslims from the mentioned countries and also excludes Hindus from Nepal and Srilanka and Maldives. This clearly shows the hidden interest of BJP and their discrimination among the exploited minorities just to relax the Hindu voters and create terror among the Muslims of India. Using this bill, and on the foundation of this bill, they are creating another Israel of Hindus. If a country does not want any illegal migrants, it has right to deport the immigrants back to their country and put them into refugee camps but being biased upon the beliefs they follow is a wrong step and also this contradicts the belief of secularism constitution of India.

Simply this bill is providing the citizenship of India to all the Hindus people living in the neighboring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan as similar as that of Israel. Now, this bill will also create a question mark over the loyalty to those minorities who are living in their countries too. If the state is not the good one and not loyal to their minority citizens then there is going to be more discrimination with them.

If this bill becomes law and when applied then the neighbor country like Nepal should be very careful because the deported migrants may enter into Nepal through the open border of Nepal and India which was the case when Bhutan expelled the Hindus and they came to Nepal through India.

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