Nepal’s stand on India’s Citizenship Amendment Act

There is open border of more than 1000 km between Nepal and India. Many Nepalese have relatives in India and many Indians have their relatives in Nepal. As many Nepalese are working in India, likewise many Indians are working in Nepal from many years. Those who are working for many many years in Nepal, they have bought land in Nepal, have married in Nepal and similar is the case for Nepalese who are working for many many years in India. So, these ties are from both sides. Although, the relation at government level is cold between Nepal and India, at people level it is still warm and soothing. Since ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ is from government level, it will certainly have some effect on government level in Nepal.

Discussing on the effects of Citizenship Amendment Act of India towards Nepal, there may be some points like:

  • Those Nepalese, either Muslim or Hindus who are waiting for citizenship in India, they will have to return back to Nepal.
  • Due to porous border of Nepal and India, majority of poor Indians who could not produce document during National Citizenship Register process, would come towards Nepal instead of being locked in detention centers. Among these, majority will be from Hindu community because Hindus are in majority so the ratio of poor people are also from Hindu who could not produce enough documents.
  • It will certainly effect the trade between Nepal and India at the border regions.
  • Government of Nepal might condemn the act because it will lead many stateless Indians to penetrate into Nepal.
  • Govt. of Nepal may increase security at border because of immigrants and there might be again some agitation at border between Nepalese madheshi people and security personnel.

Hence, depending on these effects, Nepal might not give positive response to the citizenship amendment act or be silent on the issue leaving it as internal matter of India. But the government official of Nepal have eagle eye on this process and might take strong action when required. May it will not be seen at the launch of during Citizenship Amendment Act but it will be surely seen during the process of NCR in India.

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