‘Jinnah’ a savior for Muslims in India?

Delhi violence which happened on 24th Feb 2020 recalled the memories of 1984 anti-Sikh riots, 1992-93 riots, and 2002 Gujarat riots, etc. Among the various riots which happened in India (list of riots in India: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_riots_in_India), 90% are in between  Hindu and Muslims. Before the partition of India and Pakistan, it shows that there were 18 riots between Hindus and Muslims which caused the death of more than 10000 people and made more than 100000 people homeless. After the partition, it lists there were 57 riots happened which caused the death of more than 20000 people. Among all the deaths, wounded and lost, two-third of people affected were from minority communities, mainly Muslims.

So these numbers of violence against a particular community of Muslims made the majority of Muslims to think that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a savior for them who played a vital role in the separation of India and formation of Pakistan, a majority Muslims led country. Because after the formation of Pakistan, though there is 1.86% Hindu population in Pakistan, there were no any reported riots between Hindus and Muslims in Pakistan. But the Muslims of India are frequently facing communal violence against them.

The recently happened Delhi riot, according to some journalists and social activists, was not a riot between two communities but it was Muslim genocide and a planned massacre. More than 80% of dead people were Muslims and mostly the property of Muslims was looted and burnt. In the market areas, the shops of Muslims which were located between Hindu’s shops were chosen and burnt but leaving Hindu’s shops untouched. The Quint, NDTV like mainstream news channels and many other youtube news channel reporters report about the losses of Muslims. The oppression of Hindu majority community over minority Muslims somehow verifies that what Jinnah had done in 1947 was right step for Muslim community.

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