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"I strive with you for the right."

I welcome you with Islamic greeting - "Assalam-alaikum" ; meaning: peace be upon you.

Hi, I'm Siddiq Ansari from Kathmandu, Nepal. Before my second year of bachelor study, I had not thought that I would have my own personal website but I got inspired by one of my friend and classmate and now web-programming have become one of my part time job. I got my Bachelor's degree in Electronics an Communication Engineering from Kantipur City College, Kathmandu. Now I am on the way to start my own company of electronics manufacturing company.

My birth place is not Kathmandu, I was born in a small village, Bhujahwa, Nawal Parasi district, located at the southern border of Nepal, Since my father is a well known person of country, I got opportunities to study and live happily (to some extent). At this age I think it deeply that "If I got those opportunity by birth then why should'nt I work for those others deprived ones so that they could get those opportunities too". You feel it more ideological, isn't it. But I say, someone has to be. And I am striving for that. How?

Before ten years, when maoists were just come onto the table talks and free to public, I joined as a student volunteer in my college. I participated in every movement organized by the party which was for the people. I did not sit in home and watched a mere television at those times thinking that I should contribute in anyways possible. There are many things to say....... But one thing I want to say that I am still striving although my party is not in mood of fighting for people's right and enhancing people's daily life. Here, I have dream not like that of Martin luther King but not less than that for my country.

Seems more political? Yes, it is. I am aware of it. Because this is what attached with every sectors. But aside of these, I have been developing electronic system so that one I could manufacture it in my company.

Thanks a lot for reading some views of mine. Lets have a talk if you wanna more detail of me.

Thank you.


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