Top 5 Facts of Nepal

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A small landlocked country on the lap of Himalayas, Nepal is a Democratic Republic nation located in between two powerhouses India and China. With an area of 1, 47,181 sq. km, Nepal offers pristine natural resources and beauty. This sovereign state in South Asia offers great natural beauty and beautiful environment that range from the low flat lands to Skyscraping Mountains. This small country provides wide prospects in hydropower, rafting and mountain trekking. Homed to the highest peak Mount Everest and the deepest George of the Arun Valley, Nepal is one of the most visited places in the world.With the end of the monarch rule and the establishment of a new people chosen democratic government, the country is yet to


Facts About the Highest Mount Everest

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Did you know that in Nepal and Tibet Mount Everest is not called as it is? Yes! the mountain has its local name there. You can climb Everest via two routes starting from Tibet or Nepal also. It is a very great deal when you wanted to climb the mountain and set a record for yourself because it is very dangerous to climb it. But some people pay some professional climbers to climb for them and set a fake a record for themselves. Mount Everest claimed so many climbers lives already and it is increasing as time passes by. A mountain is considered to be much way taller than Everest when measured from its base located on the ocean floor. This mountain is located in Hawaii, the mount Mauna



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